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Dannette Ellenwood Hunnel

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Hensley's Plastic Spoon received honorable mention in the

2017 Los Angeles Best Children's Book Awards.

Each book is lovingly dedicated to one of our grandchildren.

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about me

I would describe myself as an expressive globetrotting Grandma that enjoys travel, live music, socializing and working with flowers. 

I love to introduce children to new things and watch them discover their own unique qualities and potential.  

My books are about love, self-esteem and acceptance of others and include different aspects of nature such as healthy food, animals, trees, flowers, exercise and Arizona, the unique, gorgeous state that we live in. 

These topics are all of my own passions.

After retiring from a career as an airline analyst, I followed an instinct to pursue certification in Classical Homeopathy, where upon achievement,  I began supervising Phase 1  double-blind studies and other research in accordance with the American Medical College of Homeopathy,  In 2007, I joined Paradise Valley Unified School District #69 in Phoenix assisting their School Psychologists and Speech Therapists with Special Ed and ESL children ages, K-12.

In order to better serve our rapidly growing family, I retired in 2013 (again) and enjoyed oodles of Grandma duties. Eventually realizing my affinity for creating, research and writing, I decided to develop LakeRider Publishing. 

Now, I get to publish newsletters, webpages and books, as well as helping others to do the same, all while Grandmothering and traveling, etc. and I am simply having a BLAST !!

My honey-of-a-husband and I have been happily married for 33 years; have 4 grown children and a couple of awesome in-laws. Additionally we are very blessed with 6 beautiful grandchildren and 6 other amazing youngsters we call family.  

We have been proud Arizonans for 31 years but admittedly avoid the summer heat by escaping to a quaint little village in cooler, central Mexico where we volunteer at 2 children's charitable organizations.

I hope your little ones like my books. 

I hope your little ones love to read.

We are always open to donating books to charity. Contact me for qualifying information.

Thanks for stopping by. 


NEW ,,,, 8/1/2018


The Not So Hot Halloween

Part of my new series entitled 

ZonieKids ..

'All About Cool Kids Growing Up In The Desert'

starting first with how Zonie Kids celebrate Halloween

now available online

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